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Introducing Ways

We are professional fundraisers

Ways Fundraising is a collection of passionate and professional fundraisers whose goal it is to engage committed long-term supporters to our charity partners and maximize the impact of their fundraising activities.

We provide highly trained face to face fundraising staff who inspire support from members of the public and as agency providers across many disciplines, it has become our mission to take our knowledge into the market and build sustainable fundraising teams for our charity partners in the US.

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What is Face-to Face?

Face-to face-fundraising (F2F) is one of the most effective and personal forms of fundraising that has ever existed.

It involves professional fundraisers engaging members of the public and asking them to subscribe to an ongoing donation – often monthly – via a bank account, credit or debit card. 

Hundreds of thousands of people join large communities of donors for leading NPOs every year in the United States and Face-to-face fundraising has become an integral part of community outreach campaigns involving regular, everyday people pledging their support one-on-one.

Those NPOs using face-to-face fundraising include organizations that deliver services to communities locally, nationally and internationally. 

Ongoing support to non-profit programs ensures sustainable funding for critical mission-related work in the U.S. and aboard for humanitarian, social justice, environmental, animal welfare and health organizations.

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Why Face-to-Face Works

“People need to feel connected to the cause and they need to be asked.”

Having a trained fundraiser talking directly to a potential donor, passionately conveying your message before asking for their support, hugely increases the chances of securing a donation to your cause. 

F2F is incredibly effective and more people are converted through face to face interactions than any other medium.

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Unbeatable Return on Investment

Nearly all fundraising requires an upfront investment by the charity but Face to face fundraising is one of the most efficient forms of fundraising. Charities will usually receive $3 or more in donations for every $1 they invest in face to face fundraising.

When people pledge a regular gift to a charity, statistically they usually give for between 3 - 5 years which can be relied upon in the long-term and provides NPOs with a predictable source of funding for their impactful programs and maintaining essential services.

Scalability and Volume

More than 30 NPOs in the US have used or are using face-to-face fundraising as an important part of their fundraising mix and it has been proven through decades of successful campaigns for NPO and political organizations, grassroots fundraising or canvassing is the original community outreach method. 

With heavy reliance on the power of human interaction and infinite scalability, face-to-face fundraising has proven to be both an effective and scalable option for NPOs.

This type of fundraising works in any public space–high traffic public areas such as high streets, shopping malls, parks, retail stores, door-to-door, large entertainment events or airports. 

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Engage Key Demographics

Charities get the opportunity to build long term relationships with key demographics of committed donors.

Fundraisers also bring in younger donors than the usual profile; the average age of donors acquired through F2F is usually around 37, compared with 69 for donors acquired via direct mail. 

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Receive Direct donor feedback on marketing messages

Collectively, fundraisers have thousands of conversations with potential and newly acquired donors and can give you detailed feedback as to why they decided to support or why they didn’t. 

This volume of feedback can be essential when crafting your marketing messages in other fundraising campaigns and maximizing your fundraising budgets.

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Outsourced Model

Running a F2F campaign is extremely difficult and can put huge pressures on the infrastructure of an organization and its resources. 

Hiring, recruiting, training, ongoing performance management, data processing, office space and additional fixed costs commitments all mean the pressures of running a F2F campaign quickly overwhelm anyone without the experience of running such a program. 

This is why many NPOs decide to outsource the F2F campaign to professionals whose expertise will ensure the campaign is a success and provide a much better ROI. 

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